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3 Steps to a Healthier Thanksgiving This Year

admin - November 21, 2013

healthy thanksgiving tips

We all know that as an important part of healthy aging, we need to keep up with nutritious diets, regular physical activity and the necessary health screenings. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving can be a tricky time of year to stay on top of healthy lifestyles. With the assortment of delicious foods at our many gatherings with loved ones, it’s no wonder this holiday is often a major source of weight gain.

To help combat those pesky unwanted pounds during the holidays and maintain your healthy aging routines, here are three steps for a healthier Thanksgiving this year.


Step 1: Keep up with your exercise habits.

According to, one way to have a healthy Thanksgiving is to keep moving. People who exercise together as a group are far more likely to work off additional calories that can be packed on after a large Turkey-Day meal. While you might not be able to say no to all of the trimmings, you should say yes to family time that gets you moving. Suggest a post meal walk and the calories can be burned while still enjoying time together.

Step 2: Lend a helping hand.

The second step to healthy aging during the holidays is helping to clean up after dinner. This not only allows you to help out and be a helpful guest, it also keeps the body moving. Yes, it is tempting to simply lie down on the sofa and watch football with loved ones after a mouth-watering meal, but a healthier bonding activity is to clean up the dinner mess together.


Step 3: Listen to your body.

A third way to keep things healthier at Thanksgiving is to learn the body’s triggers. The human body is a remarkable machine that, much like a car’s gas tank, lets the person know when it is full. However, it can often take up to 15 minutes for the trigger to go off in the brain that signals the stomach is full. The key to avoiding overeating is to eat slowly. One trick many people utilize is talking to fellow diners. This allows them to eat slowly and also allows them to savor foods that may typically not be on their diet plan.

Each of these tips can be combined with other healthy aging methods to ensure you’re staying on track this Thanksgiving. In all things involving healthy aging, it’s all about moderation. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to mean tossing diets out the door. You can stay healthy this year. Those of us at Life Line Screening believe in you, and we wish you the best of luck.


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