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Americans 60 and Older Should Have a Yearly Kidney Screening, National Kidney Foundation Says

admin - August 16, 2013

yearly kidney screenings - kidney disease prevention

More than 50 million Americans should be having an annual kidney disease screening, according to the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). The reason – new research shows that about six out of every 10 Americans will develop kidney disease at some point in their lifetimes.

According to an article by Forbes, the new recommendations from the NKF are surprising, considering age was not previously a risk factor requiring testing. However, the NKF reiterated their previous recommendations that anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes or family history of kidney disease be screening every year.

This National Kidney Foundation recommendation coincides with new study results published in the journal American Journal of Kidney Disease. The study revealed that 59.1 percent of all Americans, or 135.8 million people alive today, will develop kidney disease during their lifetime. The shocking part of this number lies in the fact that this puts Americans at higher risk of kidney disease than heart disease, diabetes or late-stage cancer.

The study was conducted at Johns Hopkins University and used epidemiological data from many national databases. From the data, a statistical model of lifetime risk of kidney disease was created. Specific results from the study found a 33.6 percent risk of moderate-severe kidney disease, an 11.5 percent risk of stage 4 or severe kidney disease and a 3.6 percent risk of end-stage kidney disease. End-stage kidney disease is typically serious enough to require a kidney transplant or dialysis.

“Most people don’t think much about their risk for developing kidney disease,” said Josef Coresh, MD, lead researcher of the study, in the Forbes article, “but if they learn that they have a greater than 50 percent chance of developing it, that can serve as a motivating factor to monitor their kidney health.”


The Importance of Kidney Disease Screening

Kidney disease screening from Life Line Screening uses a simple finger-stick test to assess how well your kidneys are functioning. It uses an FDA-approved device adopted by more than 250 hospitals across the country.

Common risk factors for kidney disease include increased age, family history, race and ethnicity (African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, American Indians and Pacific Islanders are at increased risk), diabetes, high blood pressure, hereditary factors and abnormally elevated creatinine levels or decreasing glomerular filtration rates (GFR).

If you have any of the above risk factors, or if you’re over the age of 60, you should seriously consider a kidney disease screening. Learn more now or contact us with any questions you might have.


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