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Are the Health Risks from Lack of Sleep Worse for Women?

admin - September 12, 2013


Out of all the factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep is important. Not getting enough shut-eye can affect a person both mentally and physically. Individuals who aren’t getting enough rest usually have less energy during the day and are more prone to stress.

Women who suffer from heart disease, in particular, need a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that without it, women with heart problems are more susceptible to increased inflammation, which can be a dangerous health risk.


Inflammation and Sleep

According to a study conducted by UC San Francisco, women who lack enough sleep, have coronary heart disease and frequently wake up too early suffer from an increase in unhealthy levels of inflammation.

Data from the study was gathered from about 700 participants who had stable coronary heart disease. The men taking part in the study had an average age of 66, while the women had an average age of 64. Their sleep quality and inflammation levels were closely examined at the beginning and end of a five year period.

After that five-year period, the study found a connection between poor sleep and inflammation only in the female participants. Explanations for this result fall on the fact that most of the women participating in the study were post-menopausal, which meant that they had lower estrogen levels. Because of this, the testosterone levels in men may have protected them from the sleep effects.

Other data gathered from the study include the fact that women are more likely to suffer from poor sleep than men. For instance, 81 percent of the study’s female participants experienced frequent waking as opposed to 78 percent of the study’s male participants, while 50 percent of the women woke too early as opposed to 41 percent of men.

This study emphasizes the importance of getting plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to many negative health effects, including increased risk of stroke, obesity, diabetes, bone loss and cancer. It’s also been linked to faster memory loss and shorter life expectancy.

A heart disease screening is an important step for heart disease prevention. To be more proactive with your health, turn to Life Line Screening today.


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