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Atherosclerosis: Worse in Women Who Smoke

admin - September 1, 2011


Artherosclerosis is a buildup of fatty material, such as cholesterol, in the arteries.

On Wednesday, August 31, a HealthDay News article reported that women who smoke have worse artherosclerosis than men who smoke according to a study.

Atherosclerosis is the buildup of fatty plaque, like cholesterol, in the arteries. While the study showed both men and women who have smoked throughout their lifetime have this plaque buildup, the atherosclerosis in women smokers was found to be twofold.

In addition, the number of cigarettes smoked each day effects the progression of artherosclerosis, researchers found, and this progression was 5 times worse in the women smokers.

The study’s findings were based on carotid artery ultrasound screening results of 1,893 women and 1,694 men in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and Italy. Research findings were independent of other issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol level, and age, and social class.

What’s the cause for this difference? According to a quote in this article, which taken from a European Society of Cardiology news release from lead study author Elena Tremoli, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Milan in Italy, “The reasons for the stronger effect of tobacco smoke on women’s arteries are still unknown, but some hints may come from the complex interplay between smoke, inflammation and atherosclerosis.”

Meanwhile these findings are not yet published and should be considered preliminary. The findings were presented on August 29 at a European Society of Cardiology meeting in Paris.

This article can be read in its entirety at:

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