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Avid Cyclist Brent Cohrs Shares Heart Attack Experience in Blogs

admin - February 14, 2012

Sometimes when you read about people who have dealt with a medical problem firsthand, it wakes you up and makes you want to change your lifestyle. This man may do just that…

Brent Cohrs, 43, is an avid bicyclist, marketing specialist in the bicycling industry, and heart attack survivor. Writing for ChicagoNow in a five-part series at “Easy As Riding A Bike” and also for his own blog,, Cohrs shares his heart attack survival and continuing recovery story that has a positive ending due in large part to his favorite activity – bicycling.

heart disease screening

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In his writing that you can tell comes straight from the heart, he talks about a family of heart disease, the symptoms he chose to ignore, how preventive screenings can help alert you to risks early, and how bicycling saved his life.

Part four of this five part series is posted today. Read it along with parts one, two and three at and follow his blog at

<3 Happy Valentine’s Day and happy Heart Health Month! <3

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2 Comments so far
  1. Valerie Muammar - December 19, 2012 at 10:13 am

    I scheduled a screening in November of this year just as I did last year. I brought a friend both years. This year my biggest concern was my cholestoral and lipid panel. I fasted until 11:25 am the morning of my screening. When I got there it took another hour to be screened.No food or coffee all this time. When I got my results there was no cholesterol report. I called them and they said they made a mistake and did not do my cholesterol test. What a disapointment since I have been on a cholesterol lowering drug for a year and really needed to know these results. The people I talked to at life line screening offered to refund the amount for this test but not the others or for my inconvenience. In my opinion their attitude was very rude and unapologetic, I will never use life line screening again. I paid for more testing while I was there. These were test that they suggested for me. They suggested each test they thought I needed but did not do the most important one, the one they suggested for my health and well being. I’m done with these people.

  2. Joelle Reizes - December 20, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    Dear Valerie: Thank you for reaching out. I understand that we are providing you already with a comp certificate to help you get a new lipid panel done, but because of your inconvenience, I have asked that we refund the entire amount of your screening package. You are quite correct that this is a very important test and we do want you to continue to stay on top of your health — which it sounds as if you’ve been doing a great job of with your doctor and medication. We do apologize and hope you will give us another chance4 to see you at a screening next year. Thank you again for reaching out. Best wishes and happy holidays. Yours, Joelle Reizes, Communications Director

2 Responses to “Avid Cyclist Brent Cohrs Shares Heart Attack Experience in Blogs”

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