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Benefits of Preventive Screenings for Patients and Hospitals

admin - July 2, 2013

life line screening reviewTo provide more accountable care and improve patient outcomes, physicians and healthcare professionals aren’t solely focusing on treating patients who are sick. That expectation has shifted to include a focus on preventing patients from getting sick.

This focus on prevention in the healthcare industry benefits not only individuals and communities, it also benefits hospitals and health systems. A recent article by Becker’s Hospital Review touches on this concept of prevention among hospitals and health systems, and discusses the positive impacts that wellness screenings can have on not only the screening participant, but the hospitals and health systems that partner with Life Line Screening.


Positive Impact on Individuals and Communities

Two primary benefits of preventive health screenings like the ones provided by Life Line Screening include early disease detection and reduced healthcare costs. Because the purpose of a preventive screening is to detect dangerous health conditions in high-risk individuals, these screenings are a great way to take a proactive approach to an otherwise asymptomatic condition.

“The key to a successful screening program is providing the right screening to the right person at the right time,” said Chris Smith, executive vice president of sales and business development for Life Line Screening, in a Becker’s Hospital Review article.

Secondly, when a disease is detected early through a preventive health screening, there is potential for patients to experience significant healthcare savings. Treating a chronic condition that is caught early is much more affordable than treating the condition after a catastrophic event, like a heart attack or stroke, has happened.


Positive Impact on Hospitals and Health Systems

Preventive screenings are also beneficial for hospitals and health systems that partner with Life Line Screening. When medical facilities sponsor a preventive health screening, they can not only display their name prominently, they can also provide a directory of physicians and call-in phone lines for screening participants to use to find a care center or physician for follow-up care. These screenings have the potential to give hospitals and health systems a connection to patients.

Plus, once a patient is exposed to the hospital or health system and is therefore connected to it, he or she is more likely to return to that medical facility for healthcare in the future. This connection has the ability to create long-term patient loyalty that it otherwise might not have established.

Hospitals and health systems choose to partner with Life Line Screening for these benefits. Because these medical organizations might not have the resources and mobility to enter directly into the community to provide preventive health screenings, partnering with an organization that does have these resources can make this effort possible.

There is no doubt that prevention is now a major part of healthcare in the United States, and both patients and healthcare organizations can benefit from preventive health screenings. Patients can seek early identification of a dangerous condition and save on healthcare costs, while hospitals and health systems can have access to new patients and build patient trust and loyalty that might not have been established without a connection to the preventive health screening.

To read the full Becker’s Hospital Review article discussing the benefits of preventive health screenings with Life Line Screening, click here.


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