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Archive for the ‘Personal Stories’ Category

The AAA Screening That Saved My Life

February 23, 2012

Life Line Screening AAA screening saves the life of Verna MorresLife Line Screening discovered an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in Verna Morres during a health screening event. The event was sponsored by American Health Care Professionals and Life Line Screening at Verna’s church, Way of Faith Ministries, in Fairfax, VA.

In a video by Abby Sternberg,, Verna gives her thoughts about the health and wellness opportunities at her church and, more importantly, the AAA screening that saved her life in March 2011.

“I think it is very well worthwhile to go ahead and do the screening,” says Verna, who thanks American Health and Way of Faith Ministries for bringing the Life Line Screening services and other wellness programs to her church and her community. 

Verna says that it was the first health screening event she had ever participated in and even admits to previously pitching Life Line Screening cards in the trash thinking that she didn’t need such a screening. She is so grateful that she decided to go when the screening service was brought in by her church.

One more thing she adds, “I’m not one for doing things that are difficult but this was very easy, very comfortable all the way through.”

What’s keeping you from getting screened?

Watch the video at:

Image captured from the video.

Friday Roundup: Life Line Screening-The Biggest Loser, Dan McCarney’s Stroke and Cleveland Clinic Afib Chat in the News

February 17, 2012

LifeLine Screening The Biggest Loser event with Mark Wylie

Wylie talks about his aortic dissection and how preventive screenings could have helped him avoid open heart surgery. (Photo taken from video.)

We’ve got the link to video of The Biggest Loser-Life Line Screening event at Pompano Beach’s Assumption Catholic Church, featuring Mark Wylie from Season 3 of The Biggest Loser. Did you know Wylie had surgery for aortic dissection?

Also in the news: Dan McCarney survives a stroke and Cleveland Clinic plans a online chat about Afib.

Thanks for visiting today and visit often! 


Mark Wylie Talks About Losing Weight and Getting Preventive Screenings from Experience posted a video of Mark Wylie, Season 3 third place winner of The Biggest Loser-Life Line Screening event at Assumption Catholic Church in Pompano Beach, FL. Not only does Wylie discuss how losing weight (over 100 lbs.) saved his life, he talks about how getting a preventive screening could have possibly kept him from open heart surgery. Wylie was diagnosed with an aortic dissection, also called a dissecting aneurysm. Life Line Screening services include preventive screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Watch Wylie’s interview at:!/news/health/Third-Place-Biggest-Loser-Contestant-Visits-Miami/139479398

Dan McCarney Gives Interviews Following Stroke

Dan McCarney, North Texas Mean Green Coach, talked to reporters to say that he suffered a stroke over the weekend due to a blood clot in the back of his brain. He is, however, expected to be back to his normal routine, although he expects his doctors will ask his return be at a slower pace.

Read full story at ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth: and Cleveland Clinic Online Chat Scheduled

Doctors Wagoner, Saliba and Bhargava from the Cleveland Clinic along with Mellanie True Hills, Founder and CEO of and the American Foundation for Women’s Health will answer questions about atrial fibrillation online on Friday, March 2, 2012 at 12 noon EST.

Go to for more information and/or to read transcripts from previous chats.

Have you signed up for your stroke, AAA or Afib screening yet? Sign yourself and a loved one up today. Learn more about what to expect at our screening events here:

Avid Cyclist Brent Cohrs Shares Heart Attack Experience in Blogs

February 14, 2012

Sometimes when you read about people who have dealt with a medical problem firsthand, it wakes you up and makes you want to change your lifestyle. This man may do just that…

Brent Cohrs, 43, is an avid bicyclist, marketing specialist in the bicycling industry, and heart attack survivor. Writing for ChicagoNow in a five-part series at “Easy As Riding A Bike” and also for his own blog,, Cohrs shares his heart attack survival and continuing recovery story that has a positive ending due in large part to his favorite activity – bicycling.

heart disease screening

Click on this picture to learn more about Life Line Screening heart disease screenings.

In his writing that you can tell comes straight from the heart, he talks about a family of heart disease, the symptoms he chose to ignore, how preventive screenings can help alert you to risks early, and how bicycling saved his life.

Part four of this five part series is posted today. Read it along with parts one, two and three at and follow his blog at

<3 Happy Valentine’s Day and happy Heart Health Month! <3

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Life Line Screening Part of The Biggest Loser Presentation Event in Select Areas

February 10, 2012

LifeLine Screening preventive health screeningsLife Line Screening, the nation’s leading provider of preventive screening services, will conduct health screenings during presentations by former contestants of “The Biggest Loser.” These events will occur in select cities.

The screenings offered are for stroke, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other vascular conditions. Single screenings are typically around $60 with packages costing about $149.

Visitors to the events are free to ask questions about the screenings from staff, and screening tests are available to both pre-registered and walk-in customers. 

Following is a list which includes the name of the former contestant of “The Biggest Loser” who will be presenting and the participating location:

February 11:

  • Sione Fa (“The Biggest Loser,” Season 7) – Bountiful Heights Church, Bountiful, UT

February 13:  

  • Jessica Delfs (Season 10) – St. Marks Presbyterian Church, Tuscon, AR
  • Arthur Wornum (Season 11) – South Salem Senior Center, Salem, OR*
  • Marci Crozier (Season 11) – Kosciusko Community Senior Center, Warsaw, IN

February 14:  

  • Dan & Don Evans (Season 11) – Downtown Community Center, Edmond, OK
  • Jerry Skeabeck (Season 6) East Shore Church United Methodist, Euclid, OH and Calvary Congregational Church in Cleveland, OH

February 15: 

  • Sarah Nitta (Season 11) – Roy City Recreation Department, Roy City, UT
  • Jessica Delfs (Season 10) – V Life Church, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Daniel Wright (Seasons 7 & 8 ) – Clive Aquatic Center, Special Events Building, Clive City, IA**

February 16:  

  • Mark Wylie (Season 3) – Assumption Catholic Church, Pompano Beach, FL
  • Amy Cremen (Season 6) – American Lutheran Church, Clinton Township, MI
  • Daniel Wright (Seasons 7 & 8 ) – Wakonda Christian Church, Des Moines, IA

February 17:  

  • Mark Wylie (Season 3) – First Christian Church, Wilton Manors, FL

February 18:  

  • Dan & Don Evans (Season 11) – Shawnee Senior Center, Shawnee, OK

February 20:

  • Arthur Wornum (Season 11) – Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Vancouver, WA
  • Amy Cremen, (Season 6) – Heritage in the Hills Auburn Hills, MI

Having experienced firsthand the challenges and ultimate success in changing their lifestyle to lose weight, these former contestants of “The Biggest Loser” will speak on the importance of preventive health and how to stay on track.

For some of these folks, their lifestyle changes have opened new career doors geared toward health, motivation, and/or fitness. For others, they have achieved their greatest accomplishment, reduced their health risks, reversed their need for medications, and/or discovered a new passion. The takeaway is that they all are living happy and healthier lives, and so can you.

Schedule your screening today!

*Read more about this Arthur Wornum/Life Line Screening event in the at:

** Read more about this Daniel Wright/Life Line Screening event in the at

Life Line Screening Recap: Paula Deen’s Diabetes Announcement

January 17, 2012

You may have read news stories yesterday about today’s expected announcement by Paul Deen on the TODAY show. Well it’s out! Yes, the down-home cook from Savannah, star of Food Network’s “Paula’s Best Dishes” has type 2 diabetes.

Just the news of the expected announcement started a firestorm of comments on TODAY’s website. Some comments were heated as they came from opposite sides of the spectrum, like:

  • A quote from John Sampso: “I would love to see the percentage of type 2 diabetics who actually make a concerted effort to lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy, and the percentage of type 2 diabetics who don’t put forth enough effort.”
  • A quote from annsrum: “@JohnSampso So how do you explain me? […] I was diagnosed with type II diabetes despite the fact that I am at a healthy weight for my height, eat what most people would consider a healthy diet (use olive oil, eat salads, eat fish etc), and exercise 5 days a week.”*
glucose screening
A simple finger stick glucose screening can detect diabetes. To find out more, click the picture.

Meanwhile during her TODAY interview with Al Roker, Deen talked about the importance of being responsible for yourself as far as making good food choices and eating some of the sugar-filled, high calorie foods only in moderation. She also urged people to get regular diabetes screenings, especially baby boomers, as she mentioned the other factors besides obesity that can “lead” to diabetes, such as genetics, lifestyle, stress, and age.

Dr. Rashini Raj, a TODAY Contributor, also appeared on the show and agreed that diet, lack of exercise, age, and race “increases the risk for diabetes.” However, obesity is the “most defined risk factor.” Still, it is not currently known what exactly causes diabetes, she said.

In an article on, Vidya Rao reports that while Deen will continue to cook the high-fat foods, her son Bobby will promote lower calorie versions of his mom’s meals on his Cooking Channel show, “Not My Mama’s Meals,” as the comments about her appearance continue  rolling in.**

Your comments are welcome here. Let us know what you think!

See the Paula Deen interview on TODAY at:






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