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Connecting with Life Line Screening: Why So Many Options?

admin - June 29, 2011

You may be wondering why Life Line Screening provides you with so many options for getting information: Twitter, Facebook YouTube, blog, and E-Newsletter. Aren’t they pretty much the same? Why should I sign up for all of them?

Life Line Screening on Facebook and Twitter

By following Life Line Screening on Twitter and Facebook, you:

  • Learn interesting tidbits about health
  • Are notified about discounts and giveaways
  • Can connect and share with us and other Life Line Screening participants
  • Are notified of new Life Line Screening blog postings

And because we know that people follow us on both social media outlets, we do try to change up the health tidbits on each platform. And on Facebook only, we often provide interactive questions for you to answer and for you to see how others are answering.

Life Line Screening on YouTube

Our Life Line Screening YouTube channel allows you to:

  • View informative health screening videos
  • Hear people talk about their personal experiences with Life Line Screening
  • See what happens at our screening events and how our tests are performed

You do not have to sign up for an account to view videos, but if you do, you can subscribe to the Life Line Screening YouTube channel. This allows you to tag, share, comment and become notified whenever a new Life Line Screening video is posted.

Life Line Screening Blog

The Life Line Screening blog provides you with:

  • A summary of recently published health articles, health studies, and “did you know” info
  • Tips on healthy living from guest bloggers, doctors and staff members
  • Stories about personal experiences written by Life Line Screening staff members

In other words, the Life Line Screening blog can sometimes be a personalized take on health or an outlet for newsworthy information, and we will always provide links to additional resources for those people who want to learn more about the latest health topics being discussed.

Life Line Screening Health E-Newsletter

Like some of our other sources, the Life Line Screening Health E-Newsletter provides:

  • Exclusive discounts on screening services
  • Healthy living tips
  • Health news
  • Informative educational videos

However, the difference is that when you sign up for the
Life Line Screening Health E-Newsletter you can personalize the health information that you receive to be geared towards diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss and/or high blood pressure. It’s a great source for new healthy recipes, too. The Life Line Screening Health E-Newsletter will be sent directly to your email inbox once and month, and you can opt out at any time.

Basically, as advocates for health living, Life Line Screening uses all these sources to provide you with the most current news and knowledge so you can stay proactive about your personal health. Connect with us on one or more of these sharing platforms today!


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