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Do You Make These Weekend Health Mistakes?

admin - July 30, 2013

woman sleeping

Ah, the weekend: two days filled with far more enjoyable activities than the workweek. While most of us look forward to the weekend when we can relax, take some time for ourselves, and get more sleep, we may not be using it in the smartest, healthiest way.

Having a healthy lifestyle means turning changes into habits, and that means continuing them on the weekends. If you’re making these weekend health mistakes, you could be doing your body and mind more harm than good.

Sleeping In Too Late

It’s good to catch up on some much-needed sleep if you didn’t get enough during the week, but make sure you don’t sway too far from your typical sleep schedule. Sleeping in late on the weekends can make it harder to fall asleep come Sunday night. It can also be harder to wake up early on Monday morning. Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule as much as possible.


It’s not uncommon for weekends to be filled with eating out, having family get-togethers, and treating yourself to some of your favorite foods. This is completely fine – in moderation. Avoid overeating on the weekends when you know it will be easier to indulge. Maintain moderate portion sizes and don’t make excuses.

Running Errands and Doing Chores

Having a long list of to-do’s on the weekend won’t leave you feeling rested and charged for the next workweek. Instead, it’ll leave you feeling drained and stressed. Split up your errands and chores throughout the week so you can free up some of your weekend. That way your days off can be spent doing more enjoyable, relaxing activities that can help you feel refreshed.

Stressing Out on Sunday

Are you guilty of feeling anxiety or dread on Sunday evenings when you realize another long workweek is almost here? Many of us are. Having the “Sunday Blues” can make it especially difficult to fully enjoy your weekend – after all, Sunday is half of it. Instead of sitting around dreading the end of the weekend, stay active and surround yourself with family and friends to distract from these anxiety-inducing thoughts.

Your health is made up of physical, mental and emotional aspects. You can’t live a healthy lifestyle if the activities you do on the weekend diminish any of these areas. Make sure you’re not committing the above mistakes so you can have the best health possible all week long.

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