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Dr. Oz Talks Stroke and Carotid Arteries

admin - October 20, 2011

Every 45 seconds, someone has a stroke. Knowing the risks and taking preventive measures, however, can help you stay on top of your health and avoid stroke. As Life Line Screening believes, such is the Power of Prevention.

dr oz talks strokeIn a recent The Dr. Oz Show segment, Dr. Oz explained how a stroke happens using a really easy-to-understand animation and talked about what causes stroke for most people. Dr. Oz also demonstrated how and why a doctor listens to your carotid arteries.

carotid artery screening to help prevent strokeThen, Dr. Oz showed his audience how a carotid ultrasound screening, identical to that which Life Line Screening provides, uses sound waves to show blood flow through the arteries. He also displayed actual ultrasound images to show what it looks like when an artery becomes clogged.

Life Line Screening thought that this The Dr. Oz Show segment should be shared with you! Please watch today. Segments can be accessed at:

Remember your risks for stroke:

• High Blood Pressure
• Family History
• Smoking
• Diabetes
• High Cholesterol
• Heavy Alcohol Use
• Kidney Disease
• Aging
• Heart Disease

And, get your carotid artery screening scheduled today! Please “Tweet” or “Like” this post to spread the word.


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