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Early Detection of Blocked Artery Results in Fast Treatment for George W. Bush

admin - August 6, 2013

George Bush blocked artery

Former President George W. Bush recently underwent a surgical procedure to insert a stent into his heart. The stent was placed because of a blockage in his artery. The blockage was discovered during Bush’s annual physical examination at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas on August 5.

Bush’s medical history according to his 2006 exam showed no signs of high blood pressure or stroke. The exam also showed “low to very low” risk for coronary artery disease with a favorable medical history and the absence of modifiable risk factors, according to CNN.

Similarly, Bush was known for having relatively good health while he was President of the United States. He exercised regularly by running and riding his mountain bike often.

The former President is doing well and is in high spirits. He is looking forward to recovering quickly and returning home.

A reason for Bush being in such good shape could point to early detection of the blockage. Had the blockage gone unnoticed, it could have led to serious, life-threatening consequences, such as a heart attack.

“Bush is grateful to the skilled medical professionals who have cared for him,” said his spokesman Freddy Ford in a USA Today article. “He thanks his family, friends and fellow citizens for their prayers and well wishes…and he encourages us all to get our regular check-ups.”

The purpose of a stent implantation is to prop open an artery in the heart to prevent blockage caused by the buildup of plaque. If plaque build-up is left untreated, it can accumulate over time and lead to atherosclerosis – a dangerous narrowing of the arteries that can eventually cause a heart attack.

A stent procedure involves the placement of a stent onto a catheter, which is about the size of a thin piece of spaghetti. It is threaded into the artery through the patient’s arm or leg and the patient is usually conscious throughout the procedure. A stent insertion does not require opening of the chest cavity.


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