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Exercise is the Key to Healthy Aging

admin - May 8, 2014

Stay younger with exercise for healthy aging.

Growing older doesn’t mean giving up an active lifestyle. As you grow older, exercise becomes more important than ever. Exercising regularly can boost your energy, help you maintain your independence, manage symptoms of illness and pain and might even reverse some symptoms of aging.

So if you’re searching for the fountain of youth, look no further. Exercise is good for your mind, mood, body and memory.


Start Your Exercise Routine

30 minutes is the recommended amount of daily exercise, which amounts to 2% of your day. Start a workout routine and stick to it. Have a designated time each day to walk outside, go to the gym, bike or take a fitness class.

Once you get into the habit, it will be hard to break, and you will feel all the better for staying committed!


Excuses Aren’t Going to Cut It

Everyone has their excuse, but let’s face it. If 30 minutes of exercise is just 2% of your day, you can make time.

There’s no point in exercising. I’m going to get old anyway: Exercise and strength training can actually help you look and feel younger all while staying active. If you exercise on a regular basis, it actually lowers your risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and Alzheimer’s.

Older people shouldn’t exercise so they can save their strength: A sedentary lifestyle, especially for adults over 50, is unhealthy. Inactivity will cause you to lose muscle strength and the ability to do independent activities.

Exercise may cause falls: This one is especially false. By exercising you build up strength and stamina, which will prevent the loss of bone mass and improve your balance. The bottom line? Exercise will actually reduce your risk of falling.

It’s too late for me to start now: You are never too old to start! If it’s been a while, start with light walking, tai chi or gentle activities and slowly build your way up.


Taking Care of Your Health

Exercising regularly and following a healthy diet plan are both ways to fight off disease; some risk factors cannot be controlled with a healthy lifestyle. If you know that you have a family history of certain conditions like heart disease, stroke or diabetes you may want to schedule a health screening  to determine your personal risk factor.


5 Comments so far
  1. Allyn Rotthoff - December 30, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Exercise does help, I walk three miles at least five times weekly and it lowers my blood pressure (118/67 average) and pulse rate (65 average) and it keeps my weight down. I am almost 81 years young! And I don’t fall! At first it takes dedication and winds up that you feel cheated if you miss a day.

  2. Bryan Walsh - January 5, 2015 at 10:32 am

    All easy answers to why you can and must get off “yer keester” and create your own plan for tomorrow and the next day etc.

  3. Bryan Walsh - January 5, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Walking is easy and can be done alone or with others. I would sugest you not try to make it a contest but simply walk. You’ll find that not making it a contest but rather quiet time alone or with others and can be very rewarding for your health and mind.

  4. Frank - January 5, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    Exercise “can be” the key to healthy aging; but it is not always the key for everyone. While I am in favor of exercise as a general principal, I think we do a disservice to those who are deluded into believing that what we eat and what we do in terms of activity levels at a middle or advanced age mean as much as heredity or just plain chance. I’ve known people who have supplemented themselves with high doses of Vitamin D to counter deficiencies. Some have caused their levels to increase; others not so. Health is individualized and blanket prescriptions of what to do or eat may or may not affect the outcome at all for some folks. I suppose nobody knows for sure whether they are the ones who may profit by these recommendations and so they do them. I do, too! But I fully realize the limitations of blind reliance on such recommendations as a general rule.

  5. Marshall - February 9, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    Exercising in my book is the “main key” and not the “can be” key to healthy aging. I am a 6 footer soon to be 84 years of age. I exercise by riding a stationary bike 5 miles 3 times for 45 minutes each week, treadmill walking 2 times weekly for 3 miles. B/P and body weight within limit for my age. Many friends and relatives as well as my family physician cannot believe that my body is that of a soon to be 84 year old man. I must also add that healthy diets plays an important role as well.

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