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Food, Medications Can Interact

admin - July 6, 2010

A while ago, our Life Line Screening e-newsletter included an article entitled “Herbs, Drugs, May Not Mix in People With Heart Problems.”

This article received a lot of attention, mostly positive but some negative. Some readers thought we were expressing anti-holistic views. I was a little surprised at the comments expressing dismay and accusing us of being against herbal supplements and remedies. Our article was simply about the danger of mixing herbal supplements and certain prescription medications. Herbals are active ingredients and there can be dangers in mixing. It is important to let your doctor know all the herbals and medicines you are taking so that you can avoid dangerous combinations.

But comments mean that people are interested, engaged and reading so I’d like to draw our readers’ attention to another article on this topic entitled “When Foods and Pills Clash” published in the Wall Street Journal on June 22nd.

This informative article, with a colorful illustration, discusses food and the ever-enlarging bad pairings that can arise from combining foods with prescriptions.

For example, a common concern is mixing cholesterol drugs with grapefruit juice. But did you know chocolate can enhance the effect of Ambien? Or that tea, often considered a health food, can also interact with various medications, possibly enhancing their effects in a way that is dangerous?

Bottom line, your diet and your medicines all go into the same system and they can interact. Make sure you talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking, any herbals you ingest and be careful not to consume a large amount of any one food or nutrient.


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