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Friday Roundup: Mediterranean Diet and Heart Disease Risk, Fast Food in American Diets & More

admin - March 8, 2013

Apples good food for the heart

Do you want to stay up-to-date on the latest health news? Start with the weekly news roundups from Life Line Screening. March is National Nutrition Month so this news roundup features recent headlines focused on diets and nutrition. Headlines include the link between a Mediterranean diet and lower heart disease risk, percentage of fast food in the American diet, and the newest diabetes drugs and pancreatitis risk.


Study Finds Mediterranean Diet is Good for the Heart

These days it may seem like so many foods and drinks are bad for your health. We keep hearing about more and more foods that raise risk for serious conditions like heart disease. New study results show the upside to certain foods because they actually promote healthy hearts.

One study found that participants who ate a Mediterranean diet, a diet filled with low-fat foods like nuts, extra-virgin olive oil, fruits and vegetables had substantially healthier hearts compared to participants who ate diets of low-fat dairy products, grains, fruits and vegetables. Specific results showed that those on the Mediterranean diet were 28 to 30 percent less likely to develop cardiovascular disease compared to the other participants.

Life Line Screening takes a proactive approach to heart health and firmly believes in the power of prevention. Learn more about understanding your risk of heart disease today, or read the full article on the Mediterranean diet study here:


How Much Fast Food Makes Up Your Diet?

When we’re on the run with no time to make food ourselves, we often turn to fast food joints like McDonalds, Wendy’s or Burger King. Although these restaurants do offer foods that seem to take the healthy route, like salads, they also offer foods packed with calories and fat.

Recently, federal health officials reported that fast food from restaurants like the ones listed above make up approximately 11 percent of the average American adult’s daily calorie intake. The good news is this number has gone down compared to previous statistical data for the years 2003 to 2006, when the number was 13 percent.

Different factors were noted during the study, one of which was age. This factor showed that there is a significant difference between the age groups, with younger people consuming more fast food than older people.

Read the full findings here:


Newest Diabetes Drug and Pancreatitis Risk

A new study revealed negative findings regarding a new set of diabetes drugs used to control blood-sugar levels. These drugs, Januvia and Byetta, are used by millions of Americans and have been linked to an increased risk of developing pancreatitis. Specifically, patients who take these drugs are twice as likely to develop the disease.

Pancreatitis involves the inflammation of the pancreas and can be painful and dangerous if not treated properly. The pancreas is an organ that releases the hormones insulin and glucagon – two enzymes that help digest food.

Read the full article on the study here:


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