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Friday Roundup: Memory, Carotid Arteries, Hospital Stays for the Elderly, and PAD Under 50 in the News

admin - March 16, 2012

Some articles for the 40 and above crowd. Read Friday Roundup news articles and stay proactive about your health!

 personal stroke screening story

Going to school keeps your brain functions fresh

The New York Times reports that more elderly people are heading back to school. Some are doing this based on reports that keeping the brain stimulated may prevent or put off Alzheimer’s. According to the article, working to retain memory keeps the blood, oxygen, and sugar pumping through the brain, and it does in fact help memory.
Read article in full detail at:


Memory problems might be a sign of carotid artery disease

Patients with substantial carotid-artery stenosis (narrowing) and no history of stroke or transient ischemic attack still suffer consequences of significant cognitive impairments, compared with people without carotid artery disease. Read the article in full detail at:


A positive change regarding hospital stays for elderly patients

The Daily Herald reports that hospitals are helping to make sure that elderly patients are leaving as healthy as they entered by getting them up and walking. “We want to preserve their independence,” Dina Lipowich, Northwest Community Hopsital’s head of nursing and geriatrics says in the article. “Gone are the days when we needed to stay in bed to get better.” Read the article in full detail at:

 peripheral arterial disease screening

Peripheral arterial disease is not just for the over 50 crowd

An local affiliate out of Fresno reports that, “While about 1 in 20 people over 50 have PAD, it can strike younger adults as well.” Read this about a 41-year-old with peripheral arterial disease, a disease which the article says has been called, “the most common disease that nobody’s ever heard of,” in full detail at:


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