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Friday Roundup: Skin Cancer Risks, Blood Sugar and Alzheimer’s Risk, and More

admin - May 31, 2013

skin cancer risks | life line screening

Those of us at Life Line Screening believe that the power of prevention can change lives for the better. By staying up-to-date on latest health headlines featuring surprising skin cancer risks, high blood sugar and Alzheimer’s risk, and cardiovascular aging.


Surprising Skin Cancer Risks

Those of us at Life Line Screening emphasized May as Stroke Awareness Month, but it was also Melanoma Awareness Month. Summer is fast approaching, which means we’re all spending more time outside under the sun’s warm rays.

Not covering up your skin in the sun and using tanning beds are two common skin cancer risks. But did you know your office lights may also raise your risk of skin cancer? According to, radiation can be emitted from compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), leading to an increased production of cancer-causing free radicals in healthy cells. It’s important to not sit closer than one foot away from these kinds of light bulbs.

Two other surprising skin cancer risks are climate change and your sunscreen. Learn why by reading the full article now.


High Blood Sugar and Alzheimer’s Risk

New results from researchers at the University of Arizona suggest that elevated blood sugar levels may increase a person’s risk for Alzheimer’s disease. The study was conducted among 124 people ages 47 to 68 who were diabetes-free and had normal brain function, but also had a family history of Alzheimer’s.

Research has previously shown that people with Alzheimer’s show lower brain metabolism in certain brain regions. The study results showed a pattern similar to this in the same brain regions among the participants with higher blood sugar levels.

Read more about the study here.


Can Cardiovascular Aging Be Reversed?

You may feel young at heart, but every day your heart gets older. As adults age, the heart can grow larger and its walls can thicken, sometimes leading to diastolic heart failure. New research has shown, however, that a certain protein reversed aging in the heart among mice.

“We’ve developed this potentially broadly-acting rejuvenative protein” said study author Amy Wagers, a professor of stem cell and regenerative biology at Harvard University, in a Fox News article. “[W]e are excited to understand its potential in humans.”

Read the full details of the heart health study now.


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