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Friday Roundup: Study Finds Colon Cancer Screenings Should Start Earlier for Men

admin - December 9, 2011

A November 30  (a central NY news source) article is just another example of the problem with current health screening recommendations when it comes to prevention of certain medical conditions. This time it is regarding colon cancer.

The article reports on an Austrian study which found that men would benefit from a colon screening prior to the recommended age of 50.

The study looked at the colon screenings of 40,000 men and women and discovered that the men had a higher rate of advanced tumors, developing colon cancer 5 to 10 years earlier than the women.

The conclusion to these findings was that colonoscopy screenings should be based on gender, and men would benefit from getting screened at about 45 years old rather than 50.

However, Dr. Gregory Haber, Director of Gastroenterology at Lenox Hill Hospital, comments on these findings pointing out that women are still at risk for developing some colon cancers not caught on routine screenings.

In addition, Haber says, this study’s findings should not change the current recommendations for black American women, which is 45 years of age the same as black American men. This is due to their higher risk of colon cancer based on race. 

Another medical professonal who was quoted in the article was Dr. Franklin Marsh of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention. Marsh’s opinion: “We don’t want to miss anybody based on this study, but just food for thought that maybe women don’t need to be screened as early as men. I think it would be hard to get women to agree to that.”

It is agreed by other doctors that more research needs to be done before any guidelines change.

This article can be read in full at:–new-study-makes-case-for-earlier-colon-cancer-screenings/.


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