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Friday Roundup: Two Quick Health Articles With Some Good Advice

admin - January 20, 2012

Following are two articles I found that have some good health advice. This first is about atrial fibrillation, (including how anticoagulants and lifestyle habits will be included in new recommendations). The second tells you how dropping the toilet lid and washing your hands is really important for your health.

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Atrial Fibrillation: Anticoagulants and Lifestyle Habits Included in New Recommendations

The Los Angeles Times reports that while the field of cardiology has become so advanced in treating heart attacks that the survival rate has increased dramatically.

The older you get, however, the more risk there is for atrial fibrillation. While Afib can be managed, 90% are not getting needed anticoagulants to prevent stroke or are not getting them at appropriate levels.

This has led to new recommendations for Afib that include tools for doctors and patients to weigh their risks and benefits of taking needed drugs as well as making lifestyle habits that could lower the risk of stroke – which is caused by Afib in 30% of the stroke cases of adults 80 and over.

Read this article:,0,4597897.story?track=rss


Drop the Lid and Wash Your Hands for Health’s Sake

ABC News reports on a study, done by researchers from Leeds Teaching Hospitals in the U.K., which found that flushing lidless hospital toilets can spread disease that can be life-threatening.

Even 90 minutes after flushing the deadly bacteria was still found on surfaces. Even “control” toothbrushes that were removed from the restroom during the flush contained bacteria. As the article points out, though, toothbrush testing was  a part of a 2004 episode of Myth Busters that concluded that the health risk is unimportant.

Regardless, Dr. William Schaffner, Chair of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center finds the research interesting since it seems to be associated with the number and severity of C. difficile infections, as he concludes, “Just remember: put the lid down before you flush and always wash your hands.”

Meanwhile, regardless of the Myth Busters findings, you may want to also keep your toothbrush at far away from the toilet as possible.

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