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Halloween Sweets and Diabetes Awareness

admin - November 2, 2010

As you are celebrating Halloween this season, here’s a friendly remember that Diabetes Awareness Month falls in November. Learn more at

While we should definitely take pleasure in every holiday that we celebrate, many people are finding willpower, teaching restraint to their children, and helping others to enjoy holidays in moderation. For Halloween/Trick-or-Treat, these people stick to the following plan to resist eating those sweets:

–  If you are staying home to hand out candy, purchase the candy that is your least favorite, so that you less likely to be tempted to overeat the treats.

–  Resist buying Halloween candy ahead of time.

–  Depending on the event time, make sure provide a healthy snack or meal for your kids (and yourself) beforehand.

–  After the Trick or Treat event, have your children pick their top favorite pieces of candy from their treat bags and allow for only a certain amount per day to be eaten (preferably 1 or 2 pieces).

–  Store candy in freezer (out of sight).

According to the American Diabetes Association diabetes is a disease that “affects the lives of nearly 24 million children and adults in this country and another 57 million with pre-diabetes. If current trends continue, one in three children will face a future with diabetes.”

Let’s get real about diabetes prevention.

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