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Healthy Recipe: Chicken, Kale, and Mushroom Chimichangas

admin - September 9, 2014

healthy chimichanga recipe

When it comes to Mexican food, you’re oftentimes hard pressed to find a choice that follows your own personal health guidelines. Especially when dining out, you tend to face a lot of deep fried or high carb options.

Containing only about 270 calories and 40 grams of fat, these made-over chimichangas substitute typical Mexican food ingredients with more heart-healthy options. CookingLight’s Chicken, Kale, and Mushroom Chimichanga combines three flavors that offer you a satisfying taste without the regret!

Classic Chimichangas:

Calories: 731 each

Total Fat: 41.3g each

Sodium: 1358mg each


Chimichanga Makeover:

Calories: 296 each

Total Fat: 10.3g each

Sodium: 625mg each

Kale has been referred to lately as the “queen of greens” due to its rich, unique flavor and unbeatable health benefits, including cancer and high cholesterol protection. Rich in Vitamin K, which helps prevent blood clotting and promotes bone health, this leafy green offers a fresh alternative to your average lettuce topping.

Substituting chicken for beef provides a lower caloric intake, a nearly equal amount of protein, and a considerably lower amount of sodium, which can be detrimental in large doses. Although beef is not necessarily harmful to your health, chicken is the way to go when choosing a meat with beneficial nutrients and fewer grams of saturated fat and cholesterol.

With an altogether prep and cook time of one hour, this quick and simple recipe will serve (and satisfy!) eight guests at your next end-of-summer get together.

Implementing healthy alternatives into your diet is a key factor in enjoying a long life. For more information on preventive health care, visit

Click to view the recipe: Chicken, Kale & Mushroom Chimichangas


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