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Heart Medications and Breast Cancer

admin - October 23, 2012

The number of women affected by breast cancer continues to grow, and as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to keep in mind what we can do to lower our risk.

According to one study, certain medications taken for heart conditions and high blood pressure may have an effect on women with breast cancer. Watch the video below to discover more on this link between heart medications and breast cancer.

Being proactive with your health is a great way to avoid serious, life-altering conditions like breast cancer. Visit Life Line Screening’s YouTube channel to learn more. For those without video capability, the text is provided below.

Heart Medications and Breast Cancer

Here is the audio text to the video:

“For women with breast cancer, it may be very important to watch what drugs are in the medicine cabinet. Two types of drugs, called ACE Inhibitors and Beta Blockers are commonly used for treating high blood pressure and heart problems.

In a new study, California researchers examined how these drugs may affect women with breast cancer. They included nearly 1,800 women who had early stage breast cancer. Almost one-quarter of these women were taking at least one of these drugs.

The researchers found that the women taking ACE inhibitors were 56 percent more likely to see their breast cancer return. However, they weren’t more likely to die from the disease.

Women who took a beta blocker had a lower risk of their cancer returning, as well as a lower risk of dying from the disease.”


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