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Immune System Health, Walking and Stroke Risk, Memory Loss that Isn’t Alzheimer’s

admin - January 25, 2013

Looking for the latest health news? Start with the weekly news roundups from Life Line Screening. Below, we examine recent headlines featuring ten things that weaken your immune system, walking’s link to women’s stroke risk and causes of memory loss that aren’t Alzheimer’s disease.


10 Things that Weaken Your Immune System

Your immune system needs to be strong to fight off illnesses like the cold and flu, especially this time of year. One surefire way to get sick this winter is take part in things that weaken your immune system. ABC News recently released a list of the worst things for your immune system, and you’d be surprised what made the list.

The first way to hurt your immune system is to avoid social interaction. Studies have shown a connection between friendship and a stronger immune system. Second on the list is lack of sleep. By scrimping on sleep every day, your immune system sees reduced numbers of killer cells that fight germs, making it weaker. Read other things that can harm your immune system from ABC News now.


Study: Walking Lowers Women’s Stroke Risk

Study: Walking Lowers Women’s Stroke Risk | Life Line ScreeningSince obesity and lack of physical activity are already known as risk factors for conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and more, it’s not surprising that one study found a definitive link between weekly walks and decreased stroke risk in women.

According to the Huffington Post, both men and women who participated in the study were told to report on their weekly physical activity along with their medical history, diet and lifestyles. Over the average 12 years of follow-up that occurred, researchers found that walking for at least three-and-a-half hours a week was linked to lower stroke risk for women when compared to those who didn’t walk. There was no link found between the men’s stroke risk and walking.

Preventive health screenings are another way to stay on top of your health and identify a health problem before it becomes catastrophic. Learn more about the different types of health screenings from Life Line Screening today.


Causes of Memory Loss that Aren’t Alzheimer’s

Memory loss happens to almost everyone. Although sometimes memory loss combined with other warning signs can point to Alzheimer’s disease, not all memory loss is caused by the development of this brain disease.

According to Yahoo! Health, a few causes of memory loss that aren’t Alzheimer’s include chronic stress, depression, certain medications, a malfunctioning thyroid, heavy alcohol consumption and more. All of these causes of memory loss may seem alarming, but are not necessarily associated with a major brain disease. If you have memory problems, read the full list of causes of common memory loss to learn more.


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