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Larry King Jr. is Building His Own Legacy Promoting Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

admin - February 23, 2012

When Tampa Bay Times columnist Ernest Hooper recently sat down with Larry King Jr. for an interview about his new endeavor and future plans, it may not surprising that his first question to King was: What’s it like being the son of a famous icon? King’s answer proves that, while proud, his is concentrating on his own legacy…

For any “Jr.,” it’s tough. You have to live up to the reputation that your father has achieved. […] I’m certainly proud of what he’s accomplished, but it’s a hard measuring stick. I have to thank my mom for her advice. She always said, “Be who you are and be the best at who you are.” You have to be comfortable in your own skin. He’s done what he’s done, now I’m trying to chart what I’m going to do.

With this confidence and positive attitude, King has invested $250,000 to $500,000 renovating Cheval Athletic Club in Lutz, Florida. The club opened to residents and non-residents beginning with a 3-day event on Friday, February 17, called “Cheval Gives,” held in conjunction with the nearby Cheval Golf and Country Club.

King has been a resident of Chevel for about 9 years, but it is his goal to make Cheval’s athletic club a place for children and families in and outside the Chevel community to visit and have access to features such as (a):

  • Tennis courts
  • Refurbished pool
  • Refurbished playground
  • New fitness room
  • Designated area for nutritionists to teach about proper diet
  • Designated area for students to receive health education

LifeLine Screening supports the Larry King Cardiac FoundationKing is also the president of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, an organization that Life Line Screening proudly sponsors and works with. The organization was started by his father, following his heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery, after he learned the cost of the surgery. Mr. King worried about people who would need the same care but do not have the insurance coverage or money to pay for it. As such, the Larry King Cardiac Foundation provides life-saving cardiac care to those people.

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