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Life Line Screening: Friday Roundup Blog Post – April 6th

admin - April 6, 2012

Friday Roundup:


Mammograms + MRIs/Ultrasound = More Breast Cancer Detection

A new study released in the April 4th issue of the Journal of American Medical Association notes that the addition of an M.R.I. or ultrasound to annual mammography tests leads to a higher rate of incident breast cancer detection than with just the mammogram alone. “The addition of screening ultrasound or MRI to mammography in women at increased risk of breast cancer resulted in not only a higher cancer detection yield but also an increase in false-positive findings,” the authors also report.

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New Study Claims Americans May Be Fatter Than They Believe

Seeing isn’t always believing, as the BMI (Body Mass Index) may lead us to believe. The BMI, used by physicians, fitness trainers, physical therapists and nutritionists across the country to determine body fat for individuals based on height and weight, is coming under criticism by a study that claims that body fat percentage should be considered when assessments are made. For example, according to the study 4 in 10 adults who are considered “overweight” in the BMI could actually be labeled as “obese” if the percentage of their body fat were included in the determination. Since obesity brings with it greater risks of diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks and joint troubles, knowing that someone is actually “obese” could make a huge difference in the lifestyle changes they decide to make or in the information they are provided by their medical care team. Food for thought indeed!

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Common Diabetes Drug May Also Fight Certain Cancers

The common diabetes drug known as metformin, used to control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes, may also turn out to be a helpful drug for battling both prostate and pancreatic cancers. According to new studies presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, metformin may halt the growth of cancer tumor cells in men with prostate cancer, as well as extend the lives of people suffering with pancreatic cancer. Good news for sure from the research field!

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Healthier Candy Choices for Passover & Easter Fun

Next to Halloween, Easter is the biggest day for breaking every dietary vow when it comes to consuming sugar-laden candies. Yes, it all tastes great, but keeping in mind what all that sugar can do to your teeth, not to mention to your weight, waist, metabolism and more is a good idea. And it’s never too early to introduce healthier dietary habits to your nieces, nephews, kids and grand-children either. Check-out this video for healthier candy choices for yourself and your loved ones, from one of the contributing editors of the Eat This, Not That No Diet! diet book.


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