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Life Line Screening: Friday Roundup Blog Post – March 30th

admin - March 30, 2012

Friday Roundup:


Colon Cancer Is Hot on the Charts These Days with Musicians

Earlier this week we reported that Country Music musician and singer Wade Heyes has been diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer – a very bad stage of the disease to be discovered within since the 5-year survival rate is estimated by some doctors to be only about 8.1%. Just a few days after our blog post, famed and influential Soul Music legend Bobby Womack was announced to have colon cancer, though fortunately Mr. Womack was diagnosed early and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is currently in stage I of the highly preventable disease. Since colon cancer almost always starts as non-cancerous polyps, early detection via colonoscopies is vital for prevention, particularly for adults 50+ in age.

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American Diabetes Day Was March 27th

This past Tuesday was American Diabetes Day, an event designed to call attention to the large and growing problem of diabetes in America. Sedentary lifestyles, bad diets, sugar-laden fast foods all have helped cause diabetes to rise alarmingly in both adults and children – figures for prediabetes alone rose from 57 million Americans in 2008 to 70 million Americans in 2010. That’s an increase in prediabetes of 13 million individuals in just two years! Recent research shows that people with diabetes have a dramatically increased risk of stroke. The research, published in the journal Stroke this month revealed that the risk increases 3% each year and triples after a decade.

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Life Line Assists Dr. Oz with 5 Thousand 6 for Life Screening Packages and Studio Participation As Well

This week Life Line Screening was delighted to support The Dr. Oz Show by giving away 5 thousand 6 for Life screening packages through an online event. The 6 for Life packages measure waist size, blood pressure and glucose levels to indicate diabetes risk, and Life Line Screening was very pleased to be involved as well as to help the watching world to understand the importance of early testing for diabetes.

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Medical Tattoos – The New Medical Alert Bracelets of the 21st Century?

For years, individuals with allergies or medical conditions have worn medical alert bracelets or necklaces to inform passers-by and EMTs of their special needs. But what happens if the bracelet or necklace is somehow lost in an accident? Today, the popular trend of fashion tattoos is being used for conveying medical information as well as for making a personal statement. Individuals who have important information they want others to know about in case of emergencies can have that info tattooed on to their body, to be discovered by doctors or emergency workers in case the patient is unconscious. We think this is a very clever idea, so we thought we’d share some “ink” about it.

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