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Life Line Screening Receives Recognition from SonoSite for Valuable Health Screenings

admin - December 19, 2012

Life Line Screening’s health screening services are being recognized by SonoSite Inc., the world leader in bedside and point-of-care ultrasound and an industry leader in ultra-high frequency micro-ultrasound technology. In a recent press release from SonoSite, the organization emphasized Life Line Screening’s efforts to provide millions of people with access to preventive screening services, as well as encouraging all people to be proactive with their health and establish healthy lifestyles.

Life Line Screening uses SonoSite equipment to screen for carotid artery stenosis and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), also known as the “silent killer”. Both companies share a vision to make identifying a disease possible for all people while working to promote widespread awareness on the importance of early screenings and prevention.

“Life Line Screening provides valuable, even life-altering services to patients around the globe and we are excited to partner with the leader in community-based preventive screenings,” said Kevin M. Goodwin, SonoSite’s President and CEO, in the press release. “We are proud that our technology will continue to aid in facilitating screenings for potentially life-saving conditions.”

Life Line Screening’s cost-effective screenings are easily available to the public and range from AAA screenings to diabetes screenings, osteoporosis screenings, high cholesterol screenings and more. These tests reach beyond a typical medical exam and aim to identify a condition before it reaches catastrophic, potentially fatal levels.

Learn more about SonoSite and the preventive health screenings offered by Life Line Screening by watching the video below.


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