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Life Line Screening Testimonial: Sometimes You Just Get a Feeling

admin - June 22, 2011

We can’t say this often enough: At Life Line Screening, we believe in and are proud of what we do. And, nothing gives us more of a rewarding feeling than helping to save lives…

Thank you for saving my husband’s life.  My husband had a “feeling” that he really needed this screening, and when Life Line Screening was in town the last time, we did not get in to see you.  But when you came to a town near us, he signed up and I said I would wait because maybe this was a hoax or something.  Well, he not only was screened, but also sent to our doctor that same day.

He is a school bus driver so he had a recent physical, but nothing was wrong.  Good blood pressure, heart good, everything had checked out well.  However, at the screening they found not only blocked carotid arteries, but three aneurysms.  The one in his abdomen was 6 1/4 cm plus he has one on each iliac artery.

Needless to say, after three operations and three months of healing he is now in good shape.  I believe you when you call this the silent killer.  He had not one sign.  Had he not had this scan, and had you not found these, I am sure he would not be here today.  Even his doctor said we should call and thank you because Life Line Screening saved his life.  Thank you for this service, and we have told everyone we know about it.  I do believe it when you say it is a lifesaver for many.

Thank you,
Patti Stracener
Mason, Washington

(This is printed on the NASW Assurance Services website at:

Learn more about carotid artery disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

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