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May Is National Stroke Awareness Month with Life Line Screening

admin - May 4, 2012

Although we’re always doing our best to let our clients and website visitors know the facts about stroke, there are still individuals out there who are unaware that this silent killer is the fourth leading cause of death for adults in the United States, and leads to much disability amongst those who do not die directly from the initial stroke episode. Sadly and tragically, estimates indicate as many as 80% of strokes could be prevented if people take action and manage the risk factors that lead to stroke – such as diet changes, exercise, eliminating smoking and/or taking medications specifically aimed to reduce the likelihood of stroke.

These facts and more are why we’re excited that National Stroke Awareness Month has come around once again. Sponsored by the National Stroke Association, the month-long program of awareness is designed to get businesses, local organizations and individuals engaged in public education about stroke risk management, the “F.A.S.T.” method for responding to stroke symptoms, and encouraging hope about the possibilities of recovering from stroke. Since knowledge is power, and since Life Line Screening offers stroke screening tests as one of our core services, we’re very happy to align ourselves with this insightful and extremely proactive month of education and events – all designed to reduce stroke and its damaging aftermath in the American people.

So as you read this blog post, consider these important facts about carotid artery disease and its main side effect – stroke:

  • People of all ages, races and genders have strokes
  • Reaching the age of 55 increases your risk of stroke
  • Males have more strokes than females
  • African-Americans, Latinos and Asians/Pacific Islanders have an increased risk of stroke
  • Smoking, alcohol use, and lack of physical exercise increase one’s risk of stroke
  • A stroke screening test for carotid artery disease can provide you with the awareness and motivation to make lifestyle changes to prevent a stroke from happening to you or someone you love

You can read more on National Stroke Awareness Month, including info on the “F.A.S.T.” method for stroke symptom recognition, by visiting this website page:

To schedule a stroke carotid artery screening, please visit this page on our website:


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