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Preventive Screenings in Action: Changing People’s Lives for the Better

admin - February 5, 2013

Life Line Screening in Action: Changing People’s Lives for the Better

If you follow our blog and our frequent updates on Life Long Health, you probably know how often we stress proactive lifestyles and healthy choices. Those of us at Life Line Screening firmly believe in the power of prevention. If you have the ability to take action and make yourself aware of the state of your health, would you?

A recent blog post from one of our cardiovascular screening participants reveals how important taking a proactive stance to health can be. In his blog, Charlie Streisel details his experience with Life Line Screening and the road it has led him down, along with reasons to strive for a healthy, active lifestyle no matter what age you may be.

“I just retired from teaching and my wife and I [had a screening done] almost two years ago,” Charlie told us. “There was a minor issue in my left carotid at the time. Maybe four months ago, I went back to follow up and there was a significant issue in my left carotid. I’m extremely active, I’m probably the healthiest person I know…so this was a major setback for me. I just went to be careful.”

Charlie explains in his blog how after following up with his physician and undergoing further diagnostic testing, a vascular surgeon told him his left carotid artery was “severely restricted” and required surgery.

The blogger showed no symptoms prior to undergoing a cardiovascular screening, but had a seriously restricted carotid artery that could have led to a stroke if not identified. He is grateful for his experience at Life Line Screening because it found something his doctors had not.

“If I hadn’t [gone to Life Line Screening], I probably would’ve had a stroke,” Charlie said. “I’ve been to my family physician before, and they didn’t check my artery because they generally don’t check the neck. They don’t look for that.”

Life Line Screening is dedicated to helping make people aware of unrecognized health problems and encouraging them to seek follow-up care from a physician. Not only do we urge all individuals to practice prevention with healthy diets and physical activity, we urge all individuals with disease risk factors to learn more about what preventive health screenings can offer. Our caring medical professionals are here to make your journey towards health as simple and stress-free as possible.

“The staff was friendly and professional,” Charlie said, “and I was in and out relatively quickly. It was non-invasive and a fast procedure.”

Take your health into your own hands. Become proactive with your health so a dangerous condition can be identified before it becomes catastrophic and life-altering.

Read the full blog post by Charlie Streisel here:


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  1. Robert Waterman - February 6, 2013 at 11:53 am

    I was check out by life line they found my left side 90% block,I had it operated on and clean out, its still open. Thanks to life line.

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