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Representative Paulsen Introduces Resolution to Raise Awareness of PAD

admin - June 21, 2010

Representative Paulsen (MN-03) introduced an historic resolution urging government agencies, health organizations, professional societies, and others to address the national crisis of unrecognized, untreated Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

Thank you, Representative Paulsen, for championing this issue. Life Line Screening is the largest provider of PAD screenings in the nation, and we can assure you that most people who have an abnormal Ankle-Brachial Index, the gold standard screening for PAD, have absolutely no idea they have this disease. It is often symptomless in its early stages, yet PAD raises one’s risk for heart attack, stroke, amputation and death.

The ABI is a simple, painless test that takes just a few minutes. Last year alone, Life Line Screening found abnormal PAD findings in more than 26,000 people, plus another almost 5,000 people who were unable to complete the test due to arterial stiffness. These individuals were referred back to their doctors where they could be fully evaluated and treated, possibly avoiding a stroke or heart attack altogether.

Current federal guidelines do not recommend PAD screenings, and that is a shame. Many organizations are trying to change this, including the PAD Coalition ( and the Vascular Disease Foundation ( Life Line Screening supports the work of these organizations and Rep. Paulsen’s new resolution (


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