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Research Findings Call for a Proactive Approach to Healthcare

admin - March 6, 2013

preventive health care

As we get older, being healthy takes effort. Preventing disease typically doesn’t just happen on its own. Life Line Screening proudly takes a proactive stance on health and well-being every day. As a firm believer in the power of prevention, we know that the state of our health is in our own hands. In a recent blog post from our Life Line Screening UK team, study results reveal just how crucial a proactive approach to health is in today’s society.

Published in the Lancet, the study included data from the years 1990 to 2010 that analyzed the health landscape of 19 countries, including the U.S., the UK, Australia, Canada, Norway and more. The study found that the UK’s premature death rate for men and women is relatively high compared to other countries. The reason was linked to growing cases of preventable diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and lung disease.

Risk factors like smoking, high blood pressure, high body mass index (BMI), poor diets and lack of physical activity are associated with an increased risk of developing these preventable conditions. Similarly, the U.S. deals with these risk factors and preventable diseases, as heart disease remains the number one killer of Americans.


An Emphasis on Healthy Lifestyles

The findings of the study call for an increased emphasis on the importance of a proactive approach to healthcare. By implementing healthier lifestyles, the risk factors mentioned above can be lowered and risk of unnecessary, premature death from conditions like heart attack or stroke can be decreased.

Lifelong health is increasingly important across the world. To take control of your own health, you must be willing to change your lifestyle in healthy ways. Considering a preventive health screening is another method that can empower you with knowledge about the state of your health. Whether it’s alerting you to serious risk of disease, or simply providing you with peace of mind, health screening tests have the power to help you take the first step towards proactive healthcare.

To take charge of your life today, learn more about healthy living and lifelong health, or explore more information on the preventive health screenings of Life Line Screening.

What are your thoughts on a proactive approach to healthcare? What are you doing to ensure you’re in control of your health? Share with us in the comments.


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