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Screening Detected 95 Percent Blockage in Bush’s Artery, Sources Say

admin - October 15, 2013


In August, George W. Bush underwent surgery to place a stent in his heart one day after a blockage was discovered. New details emerging on the topic reveal the former United States president had a 95 percent blockage in his coronary artery.

“Certainly President Bush was at significant risk having a 95% blockage in one of his coronary arteries,” said Warren Levy, a cardiologist, in a CNN article. “That doesn’t mean he was going to have a heart attack, [b]ut certainly he was at significant risk for a heart attack and something did need to be done.”

Known for having good health during his tenure at the White House, a problem was first identified when a routine stress test showed EKG changes. Doctors performed a CT angiogram which revealed a serious blockage in a “crucial position” within the coronary artery. The blockage was reported to be life-threatening.

This prompted Bush to undergo a surgical procedure to insert a stent into his heart. Bush’s previous medical history had showed no signs of high blood pressure or stroke, and he had “low to very low” risk for coronary artery disease. Regardless of this, screening was able to detect the 95 percent blockage in his artery.

Due to the early detection of this blockage through screening, Bush was able to avoid serious, potentially fatal health consequences such as heart attack or stroke.

To learn more about Bush’s stent procedure from this past August, read Life Line Screening’s previous blog post on the subject.


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