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Sleep and Heart Health, 4 Tips for Fast Energy, Neighborhoods and Diabetes Risk

admin - September 28, 2012

Snooze Longer to Protect Your Heart

Does lack of sleep make you feel irritable, unproductive and just plain awful? It might be hurting your heart, too.

Specific research from one Norwegian study found that participants who didn’t get enough sleep and woke up not feeling refreshed had an increased risk of heart attack by a full 27 percent. The risk of heart attack jumped up to 30 percent for individuals who had trouble sleeping almost every night for a month. Finally, risk of heart attack increased to 45 percent for those who had difficulty sleeping Snooze Longer to Protect Your Heart every night for a month.

The reason behind the results seems to point to the stress hormone cortisol, typically released when the body doesn’t get enough sleep. Cortisol has been the topic of other health studies, as well, and is known to increase risk factors for diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, Alzheimer’s disease and high blood pressure.

Getting enough sleep gives you the energy you need to make healthy lifestyle choices, like exercising and avoiding unhealthy foods. One simple way to stop your heart attack risk from rising is by getting enough shut-eye every night. Learn more about health screenings that can identify conditions like heart disease now.

To read the full ABC News article on lazy moves that can help you say healthy, like sleeping, view this link:


4 Tips for a Quick Energy Boost

Still can’t get quite enough sleep and, because of that, need an energy boost fast? posted some quick tips to get that energy you need to make it through the day.

Tip #1: Yawn Like Crazy

Your body uses yawns as a mechanism to help wake up the brain. Essentially, every yawn works to cool down the brain and, in turn, make it more alert and awake.

Tip #2: Get Up and Move

Are you slouched on the couch because you’re just too tired to exercise? After a brisk, ten-minute walk, you’ll get an energy boost that lasts a whole two hours.

Tip #3: Have a Good Laugh

Is there a particular YouTube video that cracks you up? When you’re feeling drowsy, find it and press play because laughing raises blood pressure and boosts heart rate, giving you that extra oomph you need to get through the day.

Tip #4: Look at Something Red

Put a vase of red flowers on your desk or make your desktop background bright red, because the bold color actually makes your muscles move faster and work harder, according to research from the University of Rochester.

Want to read other tips that can make you go from sluggish to energized? View’s tips here:,,20559973_5,00.html 


Can Your Neighborhood Raise Your Diabetes Risk?

According to an article published by the Huffington Post, your neighborhood’s walkability may impact your risk of developing diabetes.

A study produced by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and published in the journal Diabetes Care discovered that risk of diabetes increases by 50 percent among individuals living in less-walkable neighborhoods when compared to individuals in more walkable neighborhoods.

The measure of walkability was determined by several factors, like how well the streets connect, types of stores or destinations within a 10-minute walk in the neighborhood and the amount of people within the neighborhood.

Researchers studied more than 1 million people between ages of 30 to 64 living in Toronto throughout a five-year time span. They took into account their diabetes status, where they lived and the walkability of their local community.

Previous studies have proved a link between neighborhood walkability and obesity, which can in turn contribute to diabetes. This goes to show the important role exercise plays in preventing serious health conditions like diabetes.

Unsure about the state of your health? Learn more about preventive health screenings that can provide valuable information on your health before you find yourself faced with deadly circumstances.

Read more about this study on neighborhood walkability and diabetes here: 


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