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Study Shows We Are Happiest in Our Eighties

admin - April 8, 2011

Are you happy right now? If not, just give it a couple decades.

According to a survey of 341,000 people published by the American National Academy of Sciences, our enjoyment of life and sense of well-being deteriorates through adulthood, hitting rock bottom in our early 40s. But then, around age 45, happiness rebounds. Our cheerfulness and optimism increases throughout adulthood until it peaks around age 85.

Lewis Wolport, author of the new book, You’re Looking Very Well, told The Daily Telegraph that research defies traditional wisdom that says our best years are in our teens and twenties. Instead, he says, during these times, people are only “averagely happy.”

By the time most people enter their thirties, they’re getting bogged down with the struggles of a career and family. This struggle continues until their lives start to balance out toward their late 40s.  By the time most people reach old age, they have fewer responsibilities and more wisdom to enjoy the things that really matter to them.

If you’re nearing age 40, just hang on. You may almost be over the hill, but the view on the other side is much better than you think.

Photo courtesy of Eric Chan.


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