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Posts Tagged ‘health motivation’

Your Weekly Inspiration: Give Your Life Wings

September 30, 2013

Your heart has a major influence on your life – both physically and emotionally. Did you know that your heart can pump blood to every cell in your body in under a minute? This fist-sized muscle beats about 100,000 times per day to transport 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. It’s a pretty amazing organ.

By making an effort to keep your heart physically and emotionally healthy, you’re keeping your whole body healthy. Everything falls into place. Focusing on optimum heart health through your life – whether it’s by eating nutritious foods, laughing with friends, exercising, having a positive attitude, or getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked – can boost your well-being. It just might give your life wings.


heart gives life wings

Your Weekly Inspiration: Promote the Positive

September 23, 2013

Those of us with gardens know that you water the flowers, not the weeds. Why? The answer is obvious – you want the flowers to grow and the weeds to die.

The same holds true for our emotions, which many believe come from our hearts. You want to “water” your positive thoughts instead of your doubts, so they can grow. After all, studies show that optimism can actually keep your heart healthier, because optimistic people tend to eat healthier, sleep more and exercise more.

Another thing these studies have revealed is that negative psychological factors, such as stress, doubts and depression, can actually increase risk of heart attacks and other heart problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So remember to water your positive thoughts so the doubts will fall away.


inspiration to promote the positive

Your Weekly Inspiration: Lift Others Up

September 16, 2013

Why do we associate happiness and other emotions with our heart? Ancient history shows that the Greeks linked the heart to the center of our spirits. The Chinese associated it with the center of happiness. Lastly, the Egyptians believed that our emotions and intellect come from the heart.

Not only is your heart the center of your physical health, it’s also linked to the center of your emotional health. Because of this, exercising for your heart (both through physical activity and emotional activity by helping others) is good for your well-being.

So while it’s important to keep your own heart strong, it’s also important to lift the spirits of the people around you. Reach down and lift people up. It will benefit your heart – and the hearts of others.


no exercise better for the heart

Your Weekly Motivation: Guard Your Heart

September 9, 2013

Your heart is the center of your circulatory system. It is the main pumping mechanism that enables blood to flow through your arteries, veins and blood vessels to all parts of your body. This makes your heart one of the most important organs in your body.

Your health and well-being rely on the health of your heart, so it’s important to keep it strong. This means avoiding lifestyle factors such as smoking, being physically inactive, being overweight, not checking your blood pressure, and eating unhealthy foods that can gradually hurt your heart.

This week’s motivation holds true for not only emotional matters in your life, but physical matters, as well. Everything you do and everything your body needs flows from the center of your body – your heart. So take good care of it.


guard your heart



Kick-Start Your Health: Your Weekly Motivation

April 8, 2013

Without health, what do we have? We need health to live. We need health to function, to experience new things, to create memories with loved ones. Without health, we surely can’t live a long, happy life.

This week as you set about the challenging journey of a healthy lifestyle, keep in mind how important your health is to your overall life. Just like anything else in life that you cherish, treat your health with the care and attention it deserves. Take care of it. Make it a high priority. From there, the rest will fall into place.

What do you plan to do this week to take care of your health? We’d love to hear. Share with us in the comments!

Happiness is Health | Life Line Screening


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