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VDF’s Annual Meeting: A Venue Honoring Those Who Support Vascular Disease Health

September 30, 2011

life line screening is proud sponsor of the VDFIn separate press releases, the Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) announced the recipients of awards for vascular health support as well as for research of venous disease and peripheral arterial disease. Award recipients were recognized at the VDF’s eighth annual meeting in Washington.

Vascular Health Support

The VDF awards for vascular health support honor citizens, health care providers, organizations, researchers and companies that have enhanced understanding and/or treatment of peripheral vascular disease.

The awards and recipients are detailed in the VDF’s September 23, 2011 press release, which can be read in full detail at:

Venous Disease Research

The VDF’s Venous Disease Coalition (VDC) awards are for venous disease research studies published in 2010 in peer-reviewed medical literature and are made in three distinct categories: Basic Science, Clinical Outcomes and Quality Improvement and Implementation of Best Practices. The winning studies must provide important or novel insights for each category.

Read about this award and award recipients in the September 29, 2011 press release at:

Peripheral Arterial Disease Research

The VDF’s P.A.D. Coalition awards are for research studies published in 2010 in peer-reviewed medical literature and are made in three distinct categories: Epidemiology/Preventive Medicine, Vascular Medicine and Vascular Interventions. The winning studies must meet specific criteria, such as insight into lower extremity artherosclerosis and its progression, P.A.D. detection, impact on limb symptoms or quality of life, psychosocial effects, and more for each category.

Read more in this September 29, 2011 release at:

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a proud sponsor of the Vascular Disease Foundation and a proud supporter of your vascular disease health and wellness. We provide peripheral arterial disease screenings that are safe, non-invasive and easy. Watch a video that shows how it is done here: Get screened!

Say “Yes” to VDF

May 18, 2010

You have $10, $20 or maybe $50 to give to charity. Where should it go?  I’d like to suggest a charity that Life Line Screening has recently come to support — the Vascular Disease Foundation.

The Vascular Disease Foundation is a national non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide awareness about vascular disease. Its educational newsletter has reached some 13 million people, and as a champion for the Stay in Circulation campaign, VDF  has helped raise awareness about the dangers of peripheral arterial disease. They also do a lot more and you can learn about them at their website,

Here’s the key. If you donate to the Vascular Disease Foundation, I can tell you where the money is going. I know the people there and know their passion. If I need to, I can call them up, speak to a receptionist and get connected to anyone there. It isn’t a nameless, gigantic behemoth charity where you have to wonder how much of your money is actually being used to help and educate people. 

So, please, if you have a few extra bucks to give, say “yes” to VDF and help them reduce the death and disability that comes from vascular disease.


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