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The AAA Screening That Saved My Life

admin - February 23, 2012

Life Line Screening AAA screening saves the life of Verna MorresLife Line Screening discovered an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in Verna Morres during a health screening event. The event was sponsored by American Health Care Professionals and Life Line Screening at Verna’s church, Way of Faith Ministries, in Fairfax, VA.

In a video by Abby Sternberg,, Verna gives her thoughts about the health and wellness opportunities at her church and, more importantly, the AAA screening that saved her life in March 2011.

“I think it is very well worthwhile to go ahead and do the screening,” says Verna, who thanks American Health and Way of Faith Ministries for bringing the Life Line Screening services and other wellness programs to her church and her community. 

Verna says that it was the first health screening event she had ever participated in and even admits to previously pitching Life Line Screening cards in the trash thinking that she didn’t need such a screening. She is so grateful that she decided to go when the screening service was brought in by her church.

One more thing she adds, “I’m not one for doing things that are difficult but this was very easy, very comfortable all the way through.”

What’s keeping you from getting screened?

Watch the video at:

Image captured from the video.


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