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Tips to Help Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

admin - December 14, 2011

Walking your dog has health benefits.

Walking your dog burns calories and has other great health benefits. Click on this picture to learn more.

While a little indulging is expected over the holidays, you don’t want to feel like you overdid it. Try these tips to help you maintain a little weight control and get your New Year off to a great start:

  • Start Your Day Right – Eating breakfast will help jump-start your metabolism and keep you full so that you won’t go overboard on other foods throughout the day due to hunger.
  • Let Your Dog Help – Taking your dog for regular walks is great exercise. You will burn calories, and your pooch will love you for it, too. (Don’t have a dog? Borrow the neighbor’s!) 
  • Get Into It – While you go around doing your holiday errands, put an extra spring in your step to burn an extra calorie or two.
  • Step It Up – If you have the option between the elevator or stairs, take the steps.
  • Park and Stroll – When you are out and about, park as far away from entrances as possible to not only get a little extra exercise but also avoid the parking lot mayhem.
  • Just A Few More – Add a few minutes onto your exercise routine to burn more calories.
  • Go Clear or Green – By drinking only water or green tea (without sugar), you can afford to have a soda, beer or wine at the holiday party. (Green tea also amps up your metabolism and can control hunger.)
  • Pass and Save –  Pass on dessert at home so you can have those extra calories at party time.

On behalf of Life Line Screening, have a healthy and safe holiday!




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