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Today is World Diabetes Day

admin - November 14, 2011

glucose screening Did you know that there even was a World Diabetes Day? Adopted by the United Nations in 2007, it has a logo and everything! Just check out the International Diabetes Federation website at

I wanted to pay tribute on our blog to World Diabetes Day, especially since many news sources are reporting that the International Diabetes Federation group expects diabetes cases to double throughout the world by 2030, affecting one in ten people, even in places like the Middle East and Africa. What’s astonishing is that these predictions don’t even take into account the obesity epidemic.

Thank goodness this news is being taken seriously. For example, it was barely 9 a.m., and I was getting notifications of news sources all around the globe reporting all the events going on around the world to raise awareness on this day: Madurai, a city in India, encouraging diabetes health checks; other areas of India promoting diabetes awareness and walkathons (because walking is great exercise); monuments being lit up in the signature blue (like the logo) in 84 countries, including the U.S. (e.g. in Sioux Falls and Baltimore).

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you some other stories that I came across:

Mother/Teacher in WI Makes Decision to Live Healthy

USA Today reports a serious but encouraging story about a mother/teacher in Wisconsin who was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. This occurred just after watching her friend lose a lower leg due to complications from the disease.

As a result of her diagnosis, she decided that spending money on a trainer now would be better than having to spend money on diabetes supplies in the near future. So, she joined a 16-week diabetes prevention program at the YMCA and learned how to make healthy choices.

Now 71 pounds lighter, she is on the border of no longer being pre-diabetic and may quite possibly be a great inspiration to her kids, who seemed to have played a role in her decision to take the healthy step.

Read this story at:

UK Charity Uses World Diabetes Day to Show Possible Healthcare Failure

The BBC reports that nearly half of diabetes patients in Wales are not getting the essential annual health checks or education they need, according to the charity, Diabetes UK Cymru.

As a result, the charity is calling attention to it on World Diabetes Day and also publishing a list of 15 essential checks for people who have diabetes.  This is an attempt to prevent diabetic complications and reduce the high cost to the NHS in Wales.

The good news is that this information got the attention of many healthcare professionals in Wales who are on board with this awareness campaign.

Read more about it at:

Paul and Mira Sorvino Share Their Diabetes Story in a Video

If you like these stories, you may also enjoy watching a video, which features actors Paul and Mira Sorvino. In this video they share how coping and learning how not to cheat with diabetes is a family affair.

Watch this video at:

What will you do for World Diabetes Day?

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