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Too Many People Not Getting Cancer Screenings They Need

admin - January 27, 2012

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Cancer Institute released new data that reveals that Americans are not getting necessary cancer screenings at the level they should.

According to the report, breast and cervical cancer rates have plateaued. Colorectal cancer rates are much lower than guidelines recommend, but more people are being screened. The focus now is on getting those numbers up.

According to a report on WebMD, in 2010, about 59% of eligible men and women had colonoscopies or another colorectal cancer screening test. This is significantly below the government target of 70%.

Life Line Screening now offers a new colorectal screening test, called the FIT test. This preventive health screening test is not a substitute for a colonoscopy but is a recommended detection test that is simple to use and done at home. It is also very inexpensive at only $45.

At Life Line Screening, we really want our customers to stay on top of all their preventive health screenings. Early detection is the best weapon we have. Please talk to your doctor about your needed cancer screenings, and come visit us to get your FIT test.



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