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Top Men’s Health Risks, Flu Vaccines and Heart Disease, Benefits of Vitamin D

admin - November 16, 2012


Top Men’s Health Risks, Flu Vaccines and Heart Disease | Life Line ScreeningTop Health Risks for Men Over 40

Our focus for much of November has been on Men’s Health. We know that risk factors like smoking cigarettes, unhealthy eating and not exercising are frequent habits that can lead to the development of ailments and conditions. But did you know that being single can be damaging to a man’s health? 

Activities like spending too much time using electronics (watching TV, using the Internet, using a smartphone) can lead to increased risk of certain health conditions. Another big risk is inadequate use of sunscreen, since men tend to be outside working or playing sports more often than women are. And yes, even being single can impact a man’s health.

To read more about these top health risks for men over age 40 and exactly how they raise risk of disease, view this link: 


Are Flu Vaccines Good for the Heart?

New research shows that flu vaccines may be good for more than just preventing the flu. They may also benefit the heart.

Results from two studies show that of heart patients, those who get the flu vaccination have lower risk of heart attack and stroke as well as fewer instances of irregular heart rhythms, like atrial fibrillation, the WebMD article states.

Although the studies were small, researchers are hoping to repeat the studies with more participants and more substantial proof. Learn more about how a cardiovascular disease screening from Life Line Screening can benefit you.

To read more about these studies and the specific findings, view this link:


Immune Benefits of Vitamin D: Real or Not?

Recent news has plastered the sunshine vitamin with a reputation of being ineffective in reducing incidence of the common cold. However, studies show the health benefits of vitamin D should not be overlooked.

“The health relationships examined, including immune response, were either not supported by adequate evidence to establish cause and effect, or the conflicting nature of the available evidence could not be used to link health benefits to particular levels of intake of vitamin D…with any level of confidence,” this Nutra Ingredients USA article states.

To read more from the article on vitamin D’s immune benefits, click here:


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