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VIDEO: Keeping Your Brain Active

admin - April 17, 2013

As we age, our brains may become less active. We’re no longer learning and discovering as much as we did when we were younger. What, if any, are the benefits of keeping our brains active through continual learning as we get older?

In this Life Line Screening video, we investigate the idea that it is possible to keep your brain functions fresh and, in the process, prevent the development of serious cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s. Watch the video below to learn more.

For more information on proactive and affordable ways to stay healthy, explore the preventive health screenings offered by Life Line Screening. Visit Life Line Screening’s YouTube channel to learn more about healthy lifestyles. For those without video capability, the text is provided below.


Half-Minute Health-Helpers: Keeping Your Brain Active

Here is the audio text to the video:

“I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying you’re never too old to learn. That has never been more true than today.

As the New York Times reports, older adults are heading back to the classrooms in record numbers. The study suggests that online learning is one reason for the increase in attendance, where age disparity is not an issue. The other reason for the increase is based on reports that keeping the brain stimulated may prevent or put off Alzheimer’s.

According to the article, study and learning keeps the blood, oxygen and sugar pumping through the brain and it does, in fact, help memory. Knowledge is power, and now is prevention, too. That’s smart.”


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