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Vitamin E May Reverse Tissue Damage Caused by Stroke

admin - July 8, 2011

New studies suggest that preventive use of a natural form of vitamin E, called tocotrienol, may be helpful in rebuilding damage caused by stroke.

The study’s findings are a direct result of laboratory dogs that were given tocotrienol 24 hours after being stroke induced under anesthetic. The results showed:

• A reduction in overall tissue damage
• Better blood flow at stroke site
• Nerve cells remained alive

Senior author of this study, Chandan Sen, is quoted in a Science Daily article stating his thoughts on the findings:

“Though most of us have no idea if we are at risk for stroke, a sizable population has had a ministroke and is therefore at high risk for a large stroke. If I had a ministroke, why would I not take something that would minimize my damage during a stroke?” Sen said. “And this is not a drug; it is a nutritional countermeasure. So there are no worries about side effects. Therefore I see it as having prophylactic* value.”

Read the entire article at:

Stroke Prevention

According to the National Stroke Association, 80% of strokes can be prevented. This study may have just provided us with a safe and natural way to aid in possible stroke prevention.

*prophylactic = preventive


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