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Wife’s Nagging Can Save Your Life!

admin - July 20, 2011

Many men out there tend to exaggerate about their nagging wives. That is, until the wife’s insistence saves their life. According to a July 18 ABC News/Health article, that’s what happened to 51-year-old Steve Jagler, who had been experiencing consistent shoulder pains.

After a stress test revealed no problems, Jager’s cardiologist told him that it was probably indigestion but only a more invasive coronary angiogram could rule out a heart problem for sure. It was at his wife’s urging that he had the invasive testing, which resulted in the discovery of heart disease that required open heart surgery.

It was her urging that ultimately saved his life. “She won that argument,” he is quoted as saying, “and has won every other argument since then.”

This story prefaces the article’s report of a recent Canadian study that shows married men, as opposed to single, divorced or widowed men, are more likely to go to the hospital within six hours of experiencing heart attack symptoms.

The reason for this, according to those affiliated with the study’s findings, is that women are more likely to take the role of the primary caregiver because it is in their nature to be concerned about their loved one’s health.

The article also notes the importance of knowing your risks for heart disease as well as heart blockage or heart attack symptoms. As advocates for preventive health, Life Line Screening couldn’t agree more. Does it seem like we’re nagging? 😉

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