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Winter Workout Tips to Stay on Track

admin - December 11, 2014

Winter workout tips to stay on track.

We know that as the holidays roll around, it’s more difficult to stay on-point with your workouts. Cold and dark winter days are here, but don’t lose sight of your fitness goals.

Whether winter means strapping on your cold-weather gear or heading to an indoor gym, all you need are the right tools. Falling snow does not mean falling off of your fitness wagon.

Keep Yourself Motivated

With colder weather and earlier sunsets, the hardest part of sticking with a workout schedule during winter is staying motivated. The solution to stay motivated can be a number of simple things. Pack your workout gear with you when you leave for work in the morning, sign up to take a class with a friend, or mix up your routine with something exciting.

Swap Your Outdoor Workout for Something Indoors

Cold weather can pose a risk to your health, but if you’re used to working out outside, it does not mean that you have to be tied to a treadmill until the weather warms up.

Add variety into your routine by mixing in a few minutes on a treadmill, then move to a bike, stair climber and finish your workout with lifting weights. Working out difference muscle groups helps your body feel motivated.


Set a Meaningful Goal

No matter what exercise routine you choose this winter, setting a goal that is achievable is crucial for success.

Whether it’s keeping off weight gain during the holidays, or making a commitment to a healthier future, keep track of your fitness goals and your progress. Seeing how far you have come from the start can help keep you on track to achieving it.

Avoid Injuries

If you are heading out into winter weather to shovel snow (carefully), build a snowman, or sledding be sure to take precautions. Make sure you are wearing enough layers to keep you warm, and shoes with extra grip.

Especially in cold weather, it’s important to warm up properly. So before you head out into the cold spend some time walking indoors for five minutes. On the other side, cooling your body down slowly is just as important to avoid muscle injuries.

Combine a Healthy Workout Routine with Preventive Health Screenings

The first step in preventive health is to know your personal risk for a particular disease or condition. Consulting with your primary care physician and participating in health screenings are recommended.

Since our inception in 1993, we have screened nearly eight million people, and currently screen nearly one million people each year at over 16,000 screening events nationwide. Through this experience, we often identify serious health issues and have helped save thousands of lives. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality preventive screenings at affordable rates.


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