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Wire Newspapers Feature Life Line Screening’s Stroke Screening Tests to Be Held at the Fountains of Cedar Parke in Atco, N.J.

admin - May 2, 2012

It’s always nice to get good publicity about the great work we’re doing with our preventive health screening services. Recently, the Wire newspaper chain featured an article on our stroke screening tests and our scheduled testing event to be held at the Fountains of Cedar Parke in Atco, New Jersey.

We enjoy reading what media sources have to say about us – especially if they grasp the true value of our proactive health tests. Wire Executive Editor Jenny Swigoda clearly does grasp just that, as her article was flattering but completely truthful in depicting the long-term value Life Line Screening brings to the lives of our many customers around the country. Focusing a great deal of content on an interview Ms. Swigoda conducted with one of the physicians associated with Life Line Screening – Dr. Lisa Sheppard of Princeton – the reporter really nailed several of our values we bring to the table for our clients.

“There’s a lot of medical technology out there that patients don’t have access to unless they’re sick…..Medicine should be preventative,” she quotes Dr. Sheppard as explaining. Swigoda goes on to write that our patients are attracted to the ability “to achieve peace of mind through a non-invasive process that does not use radiation,” and then quotes Dr. Sheppard as explaining that our stroke and other health screening services “allows patients to become empowered and find issues early on.”

We couldn’t agree more, and thank Ms. Swigoda and the Wire newspapers for covering our stroke screening service honestly and candidly, as well as Dr. Sheppard for representing us so well to the press. Since May is National Stroke Awareness Month, this article couldn’t have been published at a better time!

You can read the entire article from the Wire newspapers by visiting this page on our website:


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