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World Heart Federation Provides Heart Risk Insight

admin - October 17, 2012

Concern about heart health and risks associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) seem to be never-ending. Heart disease remains the number one killer in the world, and it’s impact has touched almost all of us in some way.

The World Heart Federation, an organization that strives to “lead the global fight against heart disease and stroke”, released this fascinating infographic with statistics and facts on the global epidemic that is cardiovascular disease. It states that 17.3 million deaths occur worldwide every year from CVD.

After the shock of these facts wear off, the need for preventive action steps in. With simple lifestyle changes like healthier diets, more physical activity and less smoking, we can all do our part to decrease heart disease risk.

Other preventive measures for heart disease include things like health screenings specifically designed to identify a problem before it becomes a serious issue like heart attack or stroke. Life Line Screening offers preventive health screenings for both heart disease and stroke, along with other health conditions. Learn more about how these health screenings work, then schedule yours today.

World Heart Day Infographic


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