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Younger People Have Strokes, Too

admin - May 18, 2010

As the recent stroke of Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden, shows, younger people can have strokes too.  While certainly rarer, strokes can and do happen at any age.

While news reports are not yet saying what caused Mr. Biden’s stroke, and they may never as that is truly his private health information, we do know that he has one important risk factor for vascular disease.  His father had a brain aneurysm in his mid-’40’s. This family history certainly places the younger Mr. Biden at risk. 

The good news is that Beau Biden is supposed to make a full recovery, but you get bet that he is getting a full work-up and will be monitored very carefully in the future. In some ways he is lucky. This mini-stroke gives him warning that he is at risk. Many people do not know they are at risk until they have the stroke. Most strokes simply do not come with a warning sign.

You can’t control your family history but you can control your weight, whether you smoke and other lifestyle risk factors. You can also monitor your cholesterol and glucose and consider vascular screenings, particularly as you hit age 50.


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