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Your Weekly Inspiration: Keep Your Head Up

admin - October 14, 2013

What goes on in your head has a major impact on your heart. Not just emotionally, but physically, as well. For many years, researchers thought this physical connection fell more in line with behavior. For instance, if you’re mentally down, you’re more likely to drink heavily, smoke cigarettes or eat unhealthy foods.

New research shows, however, that there could be physiological connections between the head and heart. How? The American Heart Association says it has to do with biological and chemical factors triggering mental health issues and promoting heart disease.

“The head-heart connection should be on everyone’s radar,” said Barry Jacobs, Ph.D., in an American Heart Association article. “It’s not just being unhappy. It’s having biochemical changes that predispose people to have other health problems, including heart problems.”

So, keep your head up. It just might help keep your heart strong.

keep your head up, keep you heart strong



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